What is Reiki Horses?

Reiki is a well known healing energy that can be used on animals just as well as it can be used on humans. What many do not know is that Reiki can be used by animals to treat humans.

We have horses that are attuned to the Reiki healing energy and we offer treatments with the horses.  Yes, the horses are the ones that do the therapy. We have found they are better at Reiki  than human therapists.  This is because people like and trust animals better and quicker than people. People also instinctively know the horses are just trying to help, so they allow the horses into areas they won't let humans near.

Here at REIKI HORSES, we offer Reiki treatments for humans on horses, or beside them, you don’t have to ride to receive an equine Reiki treatment.  Our horses have also been acclimated to wheelchairs and walkers, 

Healing Heroes with Horses

If you are a veteran, or are afflicted with a PTSD disorder, please see our sister site HEALING HEROES WITH HORSES. Equine therapy has proven to be very effective helping those with PTSD.

Veterans receive a 50% discount over the normal price for treatments. If they have financial troubles and can't afford the discounted price we have a program that can provide free treatments.  No veterans in the program will be turned away for lack of funds.

We first have our clients go to approved licensed counselors with training in trauma counseling and extra classes in military induced PTSD . The counselor comes to our farm with the veteran for equine Reiki therapy. 

After they are balanced themselves, if they want to help us help horses recover from equine abuse, a trauma  that we call equine PTSD. We teach the veteran how to be an Equine Reiki therapist and work on horses in need.  That is our way of giving back to the wonderful animals who have help us so much.

Equine Energywork Academy

If you want to learn how to uses Reiki to treat your horses, or have your horses attuned to Reiki, please see EQUINE ENERGYWORK ACADEMY.  Many people have been trained in Reiki and are well versed in treating humans, but lack the extra training and techniques that get the exceptional results when working with animals. Equine Energywork Academy specialize in horses, dogs, cats and other animals.  It takes a little different approach when you are working on animals, especially your own.

Our Senior Instructor, Paul Amoroso, is a Reiki master/teacher and equine practitioner. Paul has studied extensively Reiki, Qi Gong, Shiatzu, Christian Hands-on healing and other energy based healing therapies. He has a vast knowledge base and is effective in passing the Reiki frequency and knowledge to others.

Paul has being a horse owner since the age of 12, a licensed massage therapist and an energy working for the last 20 years. Paul has the knowledge and training it takes to design the lesson plans in order to pass this special skill set to those wanting to learn how to treat their own horses or what it takes to be professional equine therapist.

All of our treatments and therapies are done at AMOROSO EQUESTRIAN CENTER.

Contact Us

If you have further questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact Paul Amoroso at paulammoroso@yahoo.com or call 330-294-0583.  You can also contact Paul via Facebook at Reiki Horses.

We are located at Amoroso Equestrian Center, in Deerfield Ohio.